Live Scan & Ink Fingerprinting

Live Scan, Ink Fingerprinting & FBI Channeler Services in San Diego. Professional, Experienced and Certified! Mobile Live Scan & Ink Fingerprinting Available. Walk-ins Welcome! 

Live Scan & Ink Fingerprinting

Fingerprint Specialists – Live Scan & Ink Fingerprinting

Alive Scan consistently delivers quality and accurate live scan & traditional ink fingerprint services. Our experienced fingerprint technicians use the best quality Live Scan equipment to capture accurate fingerprints from even the hardest applicants. We stress this because many live scan vendors, such as postal stores, have high rejection rates which result in long delays. Alive Scan recognizes the urgency of completing the livescan process right “the first time” in order to start employment or to become licensed or certified in the state of California.


Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan is a digital fingerprinting service that transmits criminal history background checks electronically to the California Department of Justice (DOJ). It’s used for a variety of purposes, including employment, licensing, certification, volunteering, and foreign adoptions. Live Scan is inkless fingerprinting. Background reports are typically completed within 48 hours.


Ink Fingerprinting (Hard Card)

Ink Fingerprinting is the traditional method of using black ink and a fingerprint card (sometimes referred to as “wet fingerprints”, “manual fingerprints” or “hard copy”). Fingerprint cards are typically required for out-of-state licensing and federal employment. Alive Scan is a leader in the San Diego community for capturing accurate fingerprints. Our experienced and trained technicians guide your hand on the ink pad and then carefully roll your fingerprints. The FBI FD-258 Hard Card. is the most popular paper card, but we also print on the FD-1164, SF-87 and state specific fingerprint cards.


NEW! Do you need multiple ink fingerprint cards? Our FBI Certified Scanner and Printer captures your fingerprints electronically, which allows us to digitally print to multiple fingerprint cards. With a one-time capture of your fingerprints, we can print out as many FD-258 hard cards as you want!


FBI Channeler  – Expedited FBI Criminal Background Checks

FBI Channeler services expedite FBI Clearance Letters. You can now get your FBI criminal report (IdHSC – Identity History Summary Check or eDO – Electronic Departmental Order) in less than 24 hours. Alive Scan is authorized to submit fingerprints electronically as an FBI Channeler. The Identity History Reports (PDF Version) is usually available within a couple hours. The FBI Channeling service is ideal for people traveling (to study over-seas,  teach abroad, Visas, or to live or work overseas) or simply to check the accuracy of their criminal history record. FBI Channeling simplifies the process for you! We electronically roll your fingerprints and securely submit everything electronically for you.


Mobile Live Scan & Ink Fingerprinting in San Diego

Alive Scan provides mobile fingerprint services throughout San Diego. Do you have a group of employees, students or volunteers that need fingerprinting? Are you an individual who prefers us to come to your home or place of business? Please call us if you have any questions or to book a mobile fingerprint technician to travel to your location.


Live Scan vs. Ink Fingerprinting

Live Scan is electronic fingerprinting for the purpose of criminal background checks. When applying for California employment, licensing, certification or Police Clearance letters, live scan is the fingerprint method used. Live Scan requires a secure connection to the CA Department of Justice so it’s only for California licensing and employment.

Ink Fingerprinting is the “old school” method used to fingerprint via the blue “hard card”. This fingerprint method is used for federal and out-of-state purposes. The “wet fingerprinting” is typically used to run a criminal background check.

FBI Channeling is a newer way of fingerprinting electronically to expedite FBI Identity Summary History Checks. The IdSHC is often required for travel overseas such as teaching abroad or to view your own criminal file.


San Diego Live Scan Fingerprint Location

Our biometric fingerprint location provides easy access to and from the I-5 freeway. So whether you live in Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Clairemont, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Pt Loma, UC, UTC… or anywhere else in San Diego, our live scan & ink fingerprint facility is for you.