Attorney Fingerprinting – Bar Exam Ink Fingerprint Requirements

Attorney Fingerprinting – State Bar Exam Fingerprint Requirements

San Diego Ink Fingerprinting for Attorney Licensing & Bar Exam Applicants

If you are required to submit your fingerprints before sitting for the State Bar Exam, Alive Scan can assist. We are a San Diego authorized ink fingerprint service provider. We carry the FBI FD-258 Ink Fingerprint Cards that the Committee on Character and Fitness requires to process your background history summary report. The standard FBI Fd258 fingerprint cards are provided “FREE” for our applicants who plan to take the state bar exam located outside of California. If you have concerns with attorney fingerprinting requirements, please contact us today!


Note: The “ink card” fingerprint requirements are for California residents applying to take the Bar Exam in a state outside of California, such as Arizona. If you are applying for your California Attorney license, the CA State Bar requires you to submit your fingerprints electronically via the live scan process. Alive Scan provides both, the live scan and ink card fingerprinting in our San Diego location. Call 858.349.0204 Today!


Arizona Bar Exam – UBE Requirements for Attorney Fingerprinting

In order to qualify to sit for the Arizona Bar Exam you will (1) need to have graduated from an ABA approved law school with a Juris Doctorate, (2) submit appropriate forms and documents including a fingerprint card and passport photo, (3) pass a background check, and (4) pass the MPRE with a minimum score of 85. Please see the Arizona Bar Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) Application Checklist for more information. Fortunately Alive Scan provides both ink fingerprinting and passport photo services at our San Diego location.



Minimum 2 X 2 inches; maximum 2.5 X 2.5 inches, passport-type photo of you only; head and shoulders only, no hat, hoodie or other item obscuring your face or head; color or black and white acceptable. Write your Social Security Number on back of photo. Paper prints and Polaroid photographs are unacceptable.


Fingerprints on Standard FBI FD-258 Ink Fingerprint Card

The Arizona Bar & Committee on Character and Fitness require a completed fingerprint card with ink prints taken by an authorized fingerprint service provider. Fingerprints must be submitted on the standard FBI blue and white card on heavy stock. These fingerprint cards are available at our San Diego location and are provided “Free” to our customers.

Florida Bar Requirements for Attorney Fingerprinting

The Florida Bar requires attorney applicants to be fingerprinted in order to run a criminal background history report. The reason is to determine that they possess “good moral character”.  The Supreme Court of Florida recognized that the standard of conduct required of an applicant for admission to the bar must have a rational connection to the applicant’s fitness to practice law.


How do I submit the required fingerprints if I live outside of Florida? 

Have the standard FBI Fd 258 fingerprint card completed by an authorized fingerprint service provider. You may be instructed to be fingerprinted by a law enforcement agency; however, police and sheriff departments in California no longer offer this service. Alive Scan is certified by the CA Department of Justice an recognized by law enforcement agencies as an authorized fingerprint service provider in San Diego.


Photo Requirement

In addition to the attorney fingerprinting specifications, the Florida Bar also requires applicants to submit a digital jpeg photo. The photo must be 120 pixels by 160 pixels and no more than 100 KB. Fortunately, our San Diego passport photo service can capture this digital photograph for you.


For more on attorney fingerprinting requirements, please see the Florida Bar Exam official website.