FBI Criminal Background Checks – San Diego Location

Criminal History Summary (Criminal Background Check & Record Review)

A Criminal History Summary—often referred to as a criminal background check or a “rap sheet”—is a listing of certain information taken from fingerprint submissions retained by the FBI in connection with arrests and, in some instances, federal employment, naturalization, or military service.


Expedite FBI Criminal Background Reports (AKA: Identity History Summary or Rap Sheet)

You can now get your own personal copy of your criminal history the FBI has on file, FAST, usually in less than 24 hours. Alive Scan is now authorized to submit fingerprints electronically via livescan as an FBI Channeler, with the Identity History Reports often available within hours. Please visit our FBI Channeling in San Diego webpage for more information.


Who May Request a Copy of a Criminal History Summary

Only you can request a copy of your own Criminal History Summary (or proof that a criminal history summary does not exist). Individuals typically make this request for personal criminal background check, to challenge the information on record, to satisfy a requirement for adopting a child in the United States or internationally, or to satisfy a requirement to live, work, or travel in a foreign country (i.e., police certificate, letter of good conduct, criminal background check, etc.).


Attorneys often need their clients to run a personal criminal background check or record review in order to correct any errors. Victims of identity theft can also receive peace of mind by being fingerprinted in order to run an FBI level criminal background check. Personal record reviews can be requested to check the accuracy or for any other reason.


Criminal Background Checks for Employment or Licensing

If you are requesting a background check for employment or licensing within the U.S., you may be required by state statute or federal law to submit your request through your state identification bureau, the requesting federal agency, or another authorized channeling agency. You should contact the agency requiring the background check or the appropriate state identification bureau (or state police) for the correct procedures to follow for obtaining an FBI fingerprint background check for employment or licensing purposes.


How to Request a Copy of Your Personal Record

FBI Channeler Service in San Diego – (Option 1)

Alive Scan is proud to announce that we are now offering FBI Channeler at our San Diego location. Applicants can now perform an FBI Criminal Background Check on themselves and receive the report usually within 24 hours. This expedited service reduces the time it takes to receive the FBI Identity History Summary Check by months in most cases. Please visit our FBI Channeling webpage for more information.


Mail Fingerprint Card and Application to FBI (Option 2)

Please see below for the most common method of obtaining your FBI criminal history report or proof that one does not exist.

1. Fill out the FBI Request for Criminal Background Check Application Form
2. Get fingerprinted by an Authorized Fingerprint Service Provider on the FD-258 Ink Fingerprint Card.
3. Submit the Application Card, FD 258 Fingerprint Card and Payment of $18 to the following address:


  • FBI CJIS Division – Summary Request
  • 1000 Custer Hollow Road
  • Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306


Please verify that the address and information is current by visiting the – Submitting a Criminal History Summary Request to the FBI – FBI webpage before submitting your fingerprints and personal information.