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Traveling Nurse Fingerprinting – Live Scan or Fd-258 “Ink Card” Fingerprinting?

Registered nurses are required to be fingerprinted for licensing. There are 2 fingerprinting methods. The method for you depends on the state you are applying to licensed in. If you are in California applying for a California RN License, you will be required to submit your fingerprints via the electronic live scan method. Individuals who are currently licensed in California and wish to become licensed as a traveling nurse in another state are required to submit their fingerprints the old fashion way. That’s right, the ink fingerprint method. In addition, these fingerprints MUST be captured on the FBI FD-258 Card. This is the official fingerprint card used by the FBI CJIS Division for processing an individual’s criminal history background report. The FD 258 fingerprint card is also known as a “Ten Print”, “Ink Card” and “Hard Card”. Alive Scan can provide the official FD258 card at no cost to it’s ink fingerprint applicants.


San Diego Fingerprinting for Traveling Nurses

Alive Scan is San Diego’s ink fingerprint location for traveling nurses. Our expert fingerprint technician is experienced at capturing quality fingerprints. We also have the required Fd-258 Card in stock and provide them free for our traveling nurse applicants. You may call for an appointment or just walk in during normal business hours to our Pacific Beach 92109 fingerprint location.


Travel Nurse Licensing and Endorsements

The demand for travel nurses continues to grow throughout the country. Registered nurses have a unique opportunity to travel the country while getting paid. Many RNs find this option to be very rewarding and fulfilling. Alive Scan is here to help you through the fingerprinting process which is required by many states in order to become a Traveling RN. You may also find these links helpful:


Permanent Licenses of Traveling RNs

Travel health care experts agree that maintaining permanent licenses is one of the keys to a successful travel nursing career. Nurses who maintain several permanent licenses are able to move in between travel nursing assignments with ease and do not have to worry about encountering any red tape. According to licensing professionals, having your licenses in order will also give you an advantage when choosing your assignment location and facility.

California requires that they receive the results from a federal Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprint check before they will issue any license, temporary or permanent. There are two ways to get your fingerprints checked – either “Live Scan” digital fingerprinting or the old fashion “Ink Card” fingerprinting.


Traveling Nurse Tips

Planning ahead is essential as certain states, including Florida and New York, require prerequisite contact hours, while more than a dozen state boards require notarized copies of nursing licenses or birth certificates. Twelve states now require fingerprint checks through the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which can take three months or more to process. To read more about traveling nurse background checks you can follow this link.