Billing Accounts for San Diego Ink Fingerprint Background Checks

Business Billing Accounts for Fingerprints & Background Checks

Corporate Billing Accounts

Alive Scan offers schools and employers the option of setting up an account to simplify the fingerprint process for its employees or new-hires. Whether we provide the fingerprinting service on-site or at our facility, opening an account with Alive Scan helps you make sure that all your applicants are fingerprinted quickly, accurately and on time.


Business Invoice Accounts

Alive Scan provides invoice accounting to its business clients. Businesses love this option because their applicants can be fingerprinted without the burden of presenting individual payments. Plus it simplifies the entire process and eliminates the need to pay for their employees upfront or deal with the reimbursement headaches.


How a Billing Account Works

Alive Scan fingerprints the applicants with the old-fashion ink onto the FD-258 fingerprint card which is required to process an FBI level criminal background history report. We then email an invoice to the employer on the first of each month for the prior month’s transactions. This detailed invoice itemizes the names of employees/volunteers and the date each applicant was fingerprinted.


Common Live Scan Business Accounts

  • Financial Firms (SEC Rules)
  • Businesses and Corporations


Business Billing Account Benefits

  • Simplifies the live scan payment process for both employers and employees
  • Eliminates the need for individual employee payments and reimbursements
  • Invoices display the details of each employee’s live scan transaction
  • Ensures criminal background history reports are delivered on time
  • Group rates available to save you money
  • Groups also save you time from scheduling individual appointments
  • Bonus* – Don’t forget our mobile live scan service!


Opening an Account

Opening an account with Alive Scan is simple. Call 858.349.0204 today to get started.