Live Scan Digital Fingerprinting

Request for Live Scan Service Forms

Need a live scan? There are 100s of reasons for needing live scan fingerprinting. Each agency requesting live scan submissions has its own unique form designated by the California Department of Justice. The forms are called “Request for Live Scan Services” and contain an ORI code that the DOJ uses to identify the specific agency requesting the background report. Below are links to some common live scan forms. 

Live Scan Forms – “Request for Live Scan Service” Form BCII 8016

Alive Scan has put together a list of live scan forms (“Request for Live Scan Service” Forms) to help guide live scan applicants in the right direction. It’s important for each live scan applicant to submit the correct form in order to avoid delays with the criminal background process. Our goal is to simplify the live scan process for you! Please see below for live scan forms and/or links to some of the more common live scan requesting agencies.


Personal Criminal Background Check – AKA (Record Review)

Visa & Immigration DOJ Background Report (Security Clearance)

Attorney License – State Bar of California

DRE & OREA – Real Estate

DMV – CA Department of Motor Vehicles

CDSS – CA Department of Social Services

DCA – California Department of Consumer Affairs

Misc “Request Live Scan Service” Forms