Record Review – Personal Criminal Background Checks in San Diego

Check Your Criminal Background History Report For Accuracy!

View Your Criminal History Background Report

Individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Not only do individuals have the right to view their report, it’s highly recommended that individuals check their criminal history file for errors. Did that arrest get expunged? Does it still show up on a background check? What exactly shows on on my criminal file? If you have ever questioned what will show up on your criminal background history check you should run a personal “Record Review”.


What is a Live Scan Record Review

The Record Review is the official process used by the DOJ for individuals to check their own criminal background records. Simply download and fill out the Form BCIA 8016RR (Request for Live San Record Review) and bring it to a live scan service provider for fingerprinting. Alive Scan is an authorized livescan service provider in San Diego. We have the Record Review forms in our office, so just show up and we’ll walk you through the process. The Record Review is often used to obtain a “California Criminal Clearance Certificate”.


How to Check Your Own Criminal Background File (Record Review)

The Record Review process is quite simple. We are experienced at these personal background checks so please contact us if you have any questions. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete the form and live scan digital fingerprinting at our office.

  • 1. Download Form BCIA 8016RR (Request for Live San Record Review)
  • 2. Fill out the Request for Live Scan Form BCIA 8016RR
    • – Check “Record Review” as the “Type of Application”.
    • – Enter “Record Review” on the “Reason for Application” line.
    • – Fill out all your personal information.
    • – Contact Alive Scan at 858.349.0204 or simply “Walk-in” during business hours.
  • 3. Take the completed form and valid photo ID to Alive Scan – 2707 Garnet Ave, San Diego 92109 for live scan fingerprinting.
  • 4. Pay the $25 DOJ Processing Fee & Alive Scan $18 Rolling Fee ($43 total).


How Long Does the Record Review Take?

Livescan Fingerprinting for the Record Review takes less than 10 minutes. We will digitally fingerprint you and submit your fingerprints electronically through a secure line directly to the California DOJ. The fingerprints will be processed through the DOJ database to complete the background check. The results will then be mailed to the address supplied on the Record Review form.


How long does it take to receive my Criminal Background Report?

You should receive your criminal background record in the mail in less than a week.


What will my criminal history record show?

Criminal Records will show the details from any convictions in California. If no criminal records are found, it will return a “no criminal record” statement. This report is often used for a California Criminal Clearance Certificate. If you are concerned about an occurrence from a state other than California, you will need to submit fingerprints to the FBI via the old-fashioned “Ink” fingerprint card. Alive Scan is also authorized to fingerprint applicants on the required FD-258 fingerprint cards for the FBI level background checks. Please see our Ink Fingerprinting webpages for more info.


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