Australian Passport Photos in San Diego Studio

Australian Passport Photos in our San Diego Studio

Australia Passport Picture Requirements

Alive Scan is a family owned passport photo studio in San Diego. We specialize in foreign Visa & passport pictures, including Australian passport photos. Remember, foreign passport images vary in size and specifications from country to country. So always verify the current rules, dimensions and size requirements. Please check out The Australian Passport Photo Office website for current specifications. Our San Diego studio can print up whatever size photo your country requires.


Australian Passport Photo Requirements and General Guidelines

  • be taken no more than six months before lodgement of a passport application form.
  • be 45-50 mm in height and 35-40 mm in width.
  • show a close up of the applicant’s head and the top of the shoulders such that the vertical size of the head (as measured from the bottom of the chin to the crown of the head) is between 32 and 36 mm.
  • be centred, clear and in sharp focus with no shadows.
  • Be taken with a neutral expression and your mouth closed.
  • Show your shoulders square on (not looking over shoulder).
  • Show your face looking straight at the camera, not tilted sideways or up or down.
  • Show the edges of your face (hair out of face).
  • Show your eyes open and clearly visible, (nothing obscuring eyes, including hair).
  • Not show any shadows or ‘red eye’.
  • Not show any reflections on glasses or face.
  • Show no head coverings (except for religious purposes).
  • General requirements.
  • Good quality colour, gloss prints.
  • Plain, light-coloured background (e.g. cream, pale blue or white).
  • Appropriate brightness and contrast showing your skin tones naturally.
  • Uniform lighting (no shadows across or behind the face).
  • Clear and sharply focused image.


Other Important Australian Passport Photo Information

You must provide two recent identical colour photographs of yourself with your completed passport application. One of these photographs must be endorsed by your guarantor with the words “this is a true photo of (insert name)” unless you are submitting an application for a passport renewal using form PC7.