Ink Fingerprinting

Common Ink Fingerprint Applicants

There are many reasons people are still required to submit the “old school” fingerprint cards. These hard cards are most commonly used when the applicant is applying for employment or licensing outside of California. Some common ink candidates include: traveling nurses, federal employment and licensing, telemedicine and visa/immigration.

Ink “Hard Card” Fingerprint Applicants

Who Requires FBI FD-258 Ink Fingerprinting?

People are required to submit an FD-258 ink fingerprint card for the purpose of receiving an FBI level criminal background history report. This criminal background file is typically required when individuals are applying for employment, licensing, permitting or certification which is located out of state or outside of the United States. Other individuals may simply want to check their criminal background records for errors & accuracy, personal reasons or because they were instructed by their attorney to obtain a copy of the individual’s personal criminal history report. Applicants that are applying within California are typically required to submit their fingerprints via the digital live scan process instead of the old-fashion ink cards.


Why am I Instructed to go to Local Law Enforcement for Ink Fingerprinting?

Many fingerprint applicants in California are required to submit their fingerprints via an ink card or live scan. They are commonly instructed to have their fingerprints taken by local law enforcement, police departments or the local sheriff office; however, most law enforcement agencies do not offer fingerprint services anymore. Alive Scan is authorized to fingerprint applicants on the Fd-258 card in addition be authorized to fingerprint individuals via the electronic “live scan” process . Individuals who need to obtain their criminal history file from the “National Database” are required to be fingerprinted on the FD-258 “hard card” by an authorized fingerprint roller and then submit the completed card to the FBI’s CJIS Division for processing. The live scan technology is the method required to obtain your personal record review at a “State Level” from the California Department of Justice.


Common Ink Fingerprint applicants at our San Diego location

  • Personal Record Review
  • Required by Attorney
  • Telemedicine and Telehealth (we provide fingerprinting, photos and notary services)
  • Traveling Nurse
  • Teaching Abroad
  • Visa Application
  • Government & Federal Employment
  • SEC & FINRA (Brokers and dealers with clients who reside out of state)
  • Peace Corp and other international volunteers
  • DPS CCW – Concealed Weapons Permit
  • SF-87 Applicants (Customs & Border Protection, Military, DHS, Government…)
  • IRS Tax Return Preparer e-file authorization