Live Scan Criminal Background Check

California DOJ Background Checks

Access to criminal history summary records maintained by the DOJ is restricted by law to legitimate law enforcement purposes and authorized applicant agencies. However, individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Department of Justice. We also offer FBI identity history checks.

Live Scan Criminal History Background Checks (Record Reviews)

Can I view my own Criminal History Report

Yes! Individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Department of Justice to review for accuracy and completeness. Not only do individuals have the right to view their report, it’s highly recommended that individuals check their criminal history file for errors.


How to Check Your Own Criminal Background (Record Review)

  • 1. Download Form BCIA 8016RR (Request for Live San Record Review)
  • 2. Fill out the Request for Live Scan Form BCIA 8016RR
    • – Check “Record Review” as the “Type of Application”.
    • – Enter “Record Review” on the “Reason for Application” line.
    • – Fill out all your personal information.
    • – Contact Alive Scan at 858.349.0204 or simply “Walk-in” during business hours.
  • 3. Take the completed form and valid photo ID to Alive Scan – 2707 Garnet Ave, San Diego 92109
  • 4. Pay the $25 DOJ Processing Fee & Alive Scan $28 Rolling Fee ($53 total)

Why do agencies need my criminal background report?

The California Department of Justice provides an automated service for criminal history background checks that may be required as a condition of employment, licensing, certification, foreign adoptions, VISA/Immigration clearances… Live scan provides the safest and quickest method to fingerprint the applicant, process the background report and return the results to the requesting agency.


Background Checks – Who receives my criminal history report?

The “Request for Live Scan” Form will contain an ORI number on the top left that corresponds to the requesting agency in the CA DOJ database. Once the criminal history report is processed, the DOJ then sends the criminal background results to the agency requesting the Live Scan.


Need the FBI Criminal Background Report (All 50 States)? Our FBI Channeler Service Expedites FBI Reports!

FBI Channeler services expedite FBI Clearance Letter for Security Clearances. You can now get your criminal history record (Identity History Summary Report) the FBI has on file, FAST, usually in less than 24 hours instead of the 2-3 month time period if you submit fingerprint cards directly to the FBI. Alive Scan is now authorized to submit fingerprints electronically as an FBI Channeler, with the Identity History Reports (PDF Version) often available within hours. Our FBI Channeling service is ideal for Traveling, International and Visa purposes (to study over-seas or teach abroad, or to live or work over-seas).


I receive a copy of my criminal background history record?

No. Only the requesting agency listed on the “Request for Live Scan” form will receive the background report. Live Scan applicants will only see the results from background checks if the live scan is specifically for the purpose of a “Record Review”. Applicants will need to fill out the California Record Review Live Scan Form BCIA 8016RR (Request for Live San Record Review) and then be fingerprinted by an authorized live scan service provider. Alive Scan is a San Diego certified live scan facility that is an approved alternative to Police Stations and Sheriff Offices. Call us today if you still have questions about background checks or personal record reviews.


Can I request a third party’s criminal history record

No. The DOJ only returns criminal history reports to the requesting agency listed on the “Request for Live Scan” form or to the individual being fingerprinted for a personal record review.


What agencies run background checks on my fingerprints? (FBI, DOJ, CACI…?)

The level of the background investigation depends on the license, certificate, permit which you are apply for. For instance, adoptive parents or daycare workers may be required to submit a background history report from the DOJ, the FBI and the CACI (Child Abuse Central Index).


Additional Live Scan Record Review Information & Links.


County of San Diego Contractor Clearance Live Scan for Department of General Services

Alive Scan is also authorized to perform live scan transactions for Contractors who will be working for the County of San Diego. The live scan is necessary in order for the county to verify the contractors criminal background history before issuing a Contractor Clearance letter. The County of San Diego uses the “Request for Live Scan Services” form with the ORI #A1953. We can provide this form if necessary. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.